Barre Bliss Studio is unlike any other fitness or yoga experience. We provide a warm, inviting yet challenging experience and the tools to create change by offering our signature formats in Barre Bliss™ and Cycle Sculpt™. Our Iyengar Yoga program is led by William Prottengeier who brings over 35 years of practice and study to our Uptown location. Clients who are new, veteran or somewhere in between will find our schedule has classes for all levels, shapes and sizes. Join us and Move Your Soul.

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Mia Jenneman, owner of Barre Bliss

When you're a hard worker and you're passionate about something, you can push yourself to extremes. That kind of drive to excel and to do your very best can be a double-edged sword, especially when your passion is connected to achievements in the physical realm, such as athletic competition and professional dance.

Mia Jenneman, owner of Barre Bliss, a barre, cycle and yoga studio in Minneapolis, admits that maintaining a healthy balance in her life has always been a struggle. "I was never thin enough; I was never good enough," Mia shared. "But I put a lot of those expectations on myself."

Dance and movement have been at the center of Mia's life since she was very young. She started dance lessons at the age of four and was part of the second graduating class from the Perpich Center for the Arts. By the time she was in college, she had begun performing professionally in the area of modern dance. Mia went on to complete her BFA at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Dance Program.

"It was not unusual for me to spend five to six hours doing physical activity and then do more," Mia recalled. "It might be lifting weights, riding bike or waiting tables. And I didn't eat much."

Even today, Mia says she struggles with maintaining a healthy balance in her exercise and eating habits. "I have to tell myself that food is fuel for my body to help me to continue ... more