About Barre Bliss
Barre Bliss Class

The foundations of our barre technique are yoga, dance conditioning, isometric movements and ballet. Unlike any other "barre workout" we combine these principles into one class to sculpt, tone and leave you feeling invigorated. We are focused on long term, sustainable results.

Who comes to a Barre Bliss class?

All kinds! Former dancers, tight athletes, group fitness junkies, young, old, in shape, out of shape, women, men, Barre Bliss appeals to many for the same reasons: strength and flexibility are taught in a therapeutic way challenging both the mind and the body. Some people have the misconception that only in shape people take Barre Bliss. But many an athlete or tight, older male has gained valuable fitness benefits from regularly practicing Barre Bliss.

Mia Jenneman Owner of Barre Bliss

What does Barre Bliss mean?

The way that one feels after working their body in a systematic way on the yoga mat and at the barre that then creates the feeling of bliss. We like to compare it to a runner's high.

Classes Offered

  • Barre Bliss™
  • Barre Bliss Cardio™
  • Barre Bliss Basics™
  • Candle Light Barre Bliss™