Barre Bliss 360


Give us 60 minutes of your time to learn about our 90 day workout and nutrition plan. We want to learn what your goals are. By combining fitness with a proper meal plan, you can achieve your goals faster and safer. From there, we will help you tailor a workout schedule and nutrition plan that will help you meet your goals.

We will be holding 60 minute seminars soon. If you want to learn more before then, please contact us at You can get start your 90 days at any time.

Come Move Your Soul with us!

Yoga and Barre Studies

Are you looking to further your practice in Yoga and/or Barre? If so, we added a new tab on our website just for people like yourself. The tab is called “Studies” and will have a list of areas we cover. These sections on our site will always be updated with the latest information about how to further your Yoga¬†or Barre practice.

Please check back often to see what we are currently offering.

Go to Barre Bliss site to see what is available and sign up for a study that works for you.