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The studio is absolutely beautiful and the instructors even more so. They are so welcoming, experienced, and genuine I cannot speak highly enough of barre bliss and will be becoming a member as well!


I have been a monthly member at Barre Bliss for two months, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience! I have never had a workout regimen in my life, but stress related health problems (ulcers and issues breathing) forced me into a life change. My doctor said I needed to alter this aspect of my life to get back on track. That being said, Mia and her amazing team have done wonders for me! I feel refreshed and relaxed after leaving each class, the entire team is very welcoming and helpful. I'm feeling healthier and happier. My breathing issues are gone - they were within the first few weeks of class. The mind body connection is so intense, this whole experience really made me conscious of that fact and thankful for my experience at Barre Bliss!



I love the classes-the format, the environment, and especially appreciate the instructors. Having multiple injuries, I am aware when instructors have knowledge on kinesiology and injury prevention. Of all of the studios that I have attended, I find your studio to be the best for instructor knowledge. Every instructor I notified of my injuries asked follow-up questions on how my injuries impacted the workout and had more understanding than many fitness instructors on the depth of the injury. I work with people to creatively find ways to fit exercise in their lives and thus I try out as many studios and class formats as possible. I have highly recommended your classes to several of my clients as an option for people looking for an intense workout with knowledgeable instructors. I have a copy of "Herlife Magazine" for clients looking for more information. Thanks for being such a thoughtful studio!


Amanda L

From Yelp!

I purchased the 10 class Groupon, and I went to my very first barre class today. I loved it! I am a pretty active person, but the class was challenging in a wonderful way.

I was a little nervous about going to a new studio and being out of my element, but everyone at Barre Bliss was so nice, welcoming, and helpful. The studio itself is lovely as well.

In sum, I can't wait to go back and I plan on making Barre Bliss a regular part of my life and workout routine.

Kate M.

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The owners and teachers at Barre Bliss are not only spilling over with knowledge, expertise, and experience, they are motivating, entertaining, and accessible. The studio itself is in a great location: near Lake and Lyndale, right off the Midtown Greenway. It's private and intimate, offering a welcoming, inclusive community atmosphere. Instead of having to work myself up to get to class, I'm actually eager to get there and leave feeling better than when I arrived. I'm stronger, taller, leaner and happier having Barre Bliss a regular fixture in my life!


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Thank you for providing a safe, comfortable, understanding environment for practicing yoga and Barre Pilates. The changes to my body over the last month has been amazing. The muscle definition and toning just can't be found without a pilates practice. The teachers are all amazing and your space is incredibly serene.

Tammy S

Transform your body, one class at a time!

I've been happily attending barre classes at Barre Bliss for about 3 weeks now and don't see the momentum stopping due to the results I'm experiencing. I can feel and see my body getting stronger, tighter and taller. I think that the combination of yoga, pilates, ballet , and weights for an hour several times a week is really effective for transformative change. This is important to someone like me who doesn't want to diet to lose weight. I also love that this workout is for everyone at any stage. I look around the class and see women of all ages, body types and fitness levels each working to her personal limit. Barre is really amazing! I am so excited that I've finally found the program that works for me that I want everyone to know about it. Try it, you'll love it, and your new strong body will thank you!



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Holy Barres Batman! I mean really? I have tried it all and I honestly can say this class kicked my a**. A friend of mine in California kept recommending I find a barre class and I haven't had much luck until I was driving down Bryant Ave and saw a sandwich board in front of The Uptown Wellness Center More...


I've been a Barre Bliss student since their second day. I've done both Bliss Yoga and Barre Bliss several times and love it! The ultimate reward came this week when my boyfriend gave me a hug and said, "You're butt feels so much smaller!" I squealed with delight! Today he commented how happy I've been and I had to agree... Thank you Mia and Barre Bliss!!

- Heather M.


PS - He now affectionately calls me Little Butt. (yay!)

As a first time Barre student...

...I loved the small class size and intimate space. It really felt like you were getting a 1:1 experience. I feel it today (my legs thank you)! Love it, I already signed up for two more classes next week!

- Allison S.